Electric Bikes On The Web

Riders of electric bicycles plug in and pedal
by By Julio Ojeda-Zapata

...writers say electrical bicycles could be the future of motorized transport in dense urban areas where automobile travel is more impractical and as gas prices inevitably go up again. Once-primitive e-bike technology has improved, for starters. E-bike batteries once provided limited range and brief lifespans, but now they let users go as far as 50 miles a charge while offering 500 to 2,000 full charging cycles, enough to go two to seven years before the power packs need to be replaced. Overnight wall-outlet charging costs a few cents.

About Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are a revolutionary mode of transportation for commuters suffering from high gas prices.

Thanks to recent innovations in battery technology, new electric bicycles offer unprecedented range and flexibility. The combination of pedal-assist and on-demand power allows commuters to ride to work without breaking a sweat. No longer must you dread the occasional hills or head-wind. The electric bicycle lets you glide comfortably about town for forty miles on a charge.

The 36 volt Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and 250 watt brushless hub motor are integrated into a pleasing cycle design that seems both novel and familiar. It is operated like any bicycle, with the rider receiving an additional boost while pedaling. With a twist of the throttle, the bike zooms to a maximum 20 mph under it's own power.

Still considered a bicycle under federal law, the ebike does not require licensing or registration, and is permitted anywhere bicycles are allowed. As the Twin Cities are ranked among the most bicycle-friendly cities in America, the electric bicycle is the perfect way to take advantage of our extensive system of bike paths and lanes.