Electric Bicycle Factoids

-There are two types of assist featured on electric bicycles- pedal assist, and power-on-demand. Bicycles from the Minneapolis Electric Bicycle Company are equipped with both.

-The popularity of electric bicycles in China was in part fueled by the SARS outbreak, when the population was reluctant to ride public transportation due to risk of exposure.

-The heart of an electric bicycle is the battery technology. Modern lithium-ion technology will ensure a longer life and better performance.

-An electric bicycle offers the same health benefits as traditional cycling, only it allows the rider to choose the level of exertion.


Maintenance and Safety
Please read the document below for all tips regarding maintenance, safety, and troubleshooting for your new bicycle.


MEBC Warranty
Below is a .pdf file of the warranty offered by Minneapolis Electric Bicycle Company.


Federal Law Regarding Electric Bicycles
Below is a .pdf file of the federal law that defines electric bicycles and their rights and limitations.